Here To Serve

Robert M. Waterman

Pastor/Educator/Business Owner


I’ve always believed that if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing right and well. As a minister, I believe it is my job not only to answer the call of God with sincerity, but to responsibly educate and equip myself for the call. I want my congregation and community to benefit from both the passion of a called preacher and the knowledge of a learned teacher. To that end, in 2006, I was enrolled in the Theological School at Drew University, starting the final step towards my PhD—the dissertation. Antioch Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York, is my church home, and I am what you might call “New Blood.” I’ve made it my mission to change for Christ, to bring new initiatives to Antioch and to challenge those already established for the better. But as I looked around the community surrounding Antioch, I began to realize that while we were changing on the inside, nothing was progressing on the outside. The Lord put it upon me to say something, but moreover, to do something! The idea crystallized the more I researched for my dissertation. "God Has Left The Building"

God Has Left the Building

Bringing the Church

to His People
Rev. Dr. Robert M. Waterman